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Peterson’s Group

We design, construct, rent, sell and manage buildings of high quality and aesthetics.

Peterson’s Group is an engineering and development company based in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

The company is specialized on design and construction of private investments such as houses, offices and shops. Furthermore, the company is active for many years now, as a Real Estate Agency, buying and selling Kefalonia properties.

Peterson’s Group was established in 2008 in order to design and construct buildings of high quality and aesthetics.

Founder of the company is Stavros Travlos, a graduate from Civil Engineers Department at University of Patras. He is active as an engineer on the island of Kefalonia since 1997.

From 2004 to 2007 he was a founder and member of the company TFP Constructions, with which he participated in the design and construction of numerous projects in the area of ​​Kefalonia and Ithaca. Since 2008, along with his profession as an engineer, he is involved with motor sport and he is a founding member of the company Peterson’s Racing Cars. Finally, from 2010 and for several years, Stavros Travlos was the president of the Technical Department of Engineers of Kefalonia and Ithaka.


We at Petersons Group have delivered more that 100 architectural designs and construction projects in Kefalonia. We have designed and developed from large vacation resorts to holiday villas and luxury private homes for clients from all over the world.

If you wish to buy a new home in Kefalonia, the benefits of purchasing a plot with great view and building a house on it, should never be underestimated but it I should be your priority. One of our in-house architects will be dedicated to your project and with your help, through constant correspondence with you, will design a dream-house based on your needs and requirements. They will guide you to choose the finest, cost effective and high quality materials & fittings in order for your new home to have an added value upon completion.

The advantages of buying a new property include:

  • Energy efficient constructions with low running costs
  • Quality build with total peace of mind process
  • Create your dream home from blank paper
  • New properties with not prior alterations or hidden damages
  • Cost effective real estate solution
  • Guaranteed quality of construction

As we are dedicated in providing affordable luxury, we are announcing a limited offer for 3 options of Off-Plan villas.

Contact us for more.