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Project Description

The land is situated on a steep inclined ground that offers magnificent sea view. The residence blends into the surroundings by taking advantage of the different ground levels combined with the placement of masonry walls. The house is nested on the highest level and the water element on the second. The natural vegetation was preserved on the third ground level. The house reveals an intimate understanding of the unique qualities of the landscape that surrounds it. Following the exterior the internal organization is also in two layers: a single shared space ground floor with a stairway which leads to the upper level occupied by the bedrooms. Another major characteristic of this building is the difference between the relatively small openings on the three facades and the large glazing on the east facade which offers spectacular panoramic view. What catches the eye in the north facade of this innovative residence is that the main entrance is roofed by a sliding of the second floor.

  • Location : Zola, Kefalonia

  • Project Year: 2017-2018

  • Status : Build. Permit Completed

  • Team members : Elissavet Travlou, Stavros Travlos

  • MEP Leonidas Travlos (Energy Lines)

  • Area : 150m2

  • Client : Private Owner