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Project Description

The effort of Petersons to protect the architectural heritage of Ionian Islands and respect towards the environment led at decision to design a small village of stone traditional style homes in a fantastic land full of huge pine trees, colorful flowers, olive and fruit trees.
The upcoming project will be returning to the real purpose of construction of a country house in a green island as Kefalonia.
The purpose of this is nothing more than to provide a really healthy living to the tenant, bringing him into contact with nature, trees, green, and to achieve this driven minimal damage to the environment! To make the above combination attainable decided construction materials to have the smallest possible environmental Footprint !
The local stone, wood and glass, preferring to serve the above purpose. The architectural style respecting the history of the island is turning back the clock and restore us (after 60 years) in Kefalonia of 1953!
Where the garden and the yard had much greater practical importance than the house itself, the olive tree courtyard was the companionship of the family while there were no fences between neighbors neither literally nor figuratively!

  • Location : Kefalonia

  • Project Year: 2010

  • Status : Study

  • Team members : Stavros Travlos, Christina Pefani

  • Area : 1500m2

  • Collaborator: Petrides Nikos, Architect