Residence in Razata Kefalonia

//Residence in Razata Kefalonia
Residence in Razata Kefalonia 2017-10-26T10:48:29+00:00

Project Description

The commission for this project, located in Razata Kefalonia, entailed designing a house for a four member family. As it is nestled on a hill, this house enjoys unbeatable views. Interiors are organized in two levels. The ground floor holds all the common areas and the day areas occupy all the upper floor. The design of the facades took into account multiple factors such as environmental conditions, building’s orientation, taking advantage of natural day light and fenestration design. The southwest facade is bathed in light from above thanks to skylights and its small openings. In the southeast façade one can enjoy the pleasant view from its large glazing. The red color which is used in the recess of the semi open areas accentuates the depth and intensifies the contrast with the white color selected for facades.

  • Location : Razata, Kefalonia

  • Project Year: 2012

  • Status : Study

  • Area : 150m2

  • Client : Private Owner