Modern Residence on the Rocks in Skala 2017-10-13T13:12:45+00:00

Project Description

The proposal concerned the design of a luxury villa (200m2 building surface) and of its exterior landscape within a plot of 4000m2.
The steep rocky sloap and the sea view were the driving factors that lead to a multiple level organization of the various facilities. Driven by the client’s desire for a unity within the interior space, the main building body was organized in one level, while additional facilities (tennis court, parking) on others. From the main core of the composition, two diagonal paths ensure the accessibility from the main road and towards the waterfront as well.
The materialization involves concrete structure with additional rock walls that act as structural elements and hold the ground wherever necessary. Besides working as structural tools, those walls ensure the connectivity of the composition and a smooth transition from the landscape towards the building environment.

  • Location : Skala, Kefalonia

  • Project Year: 2014

  • Status : Study

  • Team members : Elissavet Travlou, Stavros Travlos

  • Area : 200m2

  • Client : Private Owner